Saturday, February 20, 2016







I guess the best one say about a pattern, I did not make any adjustments at all, just plain sailing…. This one was like that, no adjustments at all, so not a lot to write about. One of the main attraction for me about this pattern was the treatment of the shoulders, better seen in the picture to the left. It is difficult to find the name “French shoulders? German shoulders I have also seen and a couple more names. I think it is a nice treatment. I also like the stockinette vs cable contrast, the trims and the slipped stitches. A very nice knit. The pattern is Plum Wine knitted in Madelinetosh DK Twist in a lovely lively blue.

So a little bit of magic here...

My next project is also magic related but in a completely different manner… To be honest one of the reasons that I was drawn to Plum were these shoulders and those I will employ again on the next project, but that one will be own design, a request again from S…. Lots of stockinette so a nice contrast with this one… good to blend things!


  1. Having just finished a cabled sweater that required altering the pattern, your working a pattern just as written sounds lovely and relaxing indeed. Can't wait to see what you are working up on your own!

  2. Thea Colman writes very good patterns, I made several sweaters based on her patterns and never really had to readjust a lot. Indeed it can be an extra task to get a cable sweater right!

    Thanks for your comment!