Sunday, November 22, 2015

November blues


In this part of the world, November is the worst month of the year. Grey skies and so little light. Of course December has even less day-light but at least the Christmas lights are out and somehow with the busy social calendar that comes with December it doesn’t feel so bad. January is the new year and also feels kind of better, but November… This year has been grey and greyer and on the plus site, slightly warmer than usual. That is until this weekend since today snow has been falling and suddenly it is cold and real winter. It is not snow that will keep, probably it will be gone by tomorrow but still. My husband is travelling today for work, so not so good either to have this weather.


But the mittens are in use, so that is good, and I am wearing the cardigan that I just finished. A nice warm cardigan with lace. Woolly (Extra fine merino by Sublime) and soft, just what is needed for a cold day like today. I didn’t change much of the pattern, made it longer as it was pretty short, but no other changes. The lace is pretty easy to remember, easy enough for a commute anyways.

I have more winter knitting lined up, a fast Cowl for S. A nice modern stranded knitted pattern Fusuma. I am subbing silky wool for the original yarn and some small gauge issues aside (row gauge is off but not the sts gauge) it is working pretty neatly. This will be a warm cowl, double “double fabric…. Let’s see if we get a cold winter after all….




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