Sunday, October 4, 2015




and do it….

Teens do have specific fashion needs, at least my teen does. Her taste is actually pretty good (says mum), she likes relative simple shapes, sometimes a bit towards vintage like blouses with nice rounded collars or an old-fashioned dress. Or flowing things, not body hugging things and not too big either. Japanese fashion is also a big love, but think “Mori Kei” and not “Lolita”, so all in all not so bad. She also still likes that I knit for her, sometimes things she can cosplay with (see the Watson sweaters I have knit for her)and sometimes just things take take her fancy.

In any case, Relax (and in my head, I just have to add, Don’t do it, as I am of that kind of age)  was an item I had to make for her. It is a pretty simpe knit, as simple as can be actually. Just a lot of stockinette, a bit of increases for the kind of Dolman shape and some seaming. Some yarn-overs for a little bit of an visual effect, and there on goes...

Perfect sweater for S, perfect sweater also for Madelinetosh merino light… I didn’t do any alternating of the skeins and no pooling or anything. Just reminds me that I love TML, apart from the great colours, for a singly ply it is just an amazing yarn.



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      The pattern comes from the Amirisu magazine, the spring 2013 issue. The pattern is also available as a single download on Revelry: