Wednesday, April 9, 2014




Some years ago I always had a sock on the needles. At that time I used to have about three parallel projects and one of those was socks. But at sometime I started to knit more and more 1 item at a time and socks kind of disappeared from what I knitted. On the on the one hand, the socks I knitted were appreciated, by big daughter, husband and myself (smaller daughter wore them but was never a huge fan), but as I do like to knit sweaters more, once I knitted one item at a time, they got the lowest priority. Now most of the socks I knitted got holes and I am really not very good with repairing holes in socks…so most of them had their natural lifetime and that was that...

I do however still have a considerable sock-yarn stash. I have delved into that for shawl knitting, but not really for sock knitting. And then some weeks ago at a local lys in Malm√∂, I spotted some Zauberball Crazy and just had to buy it. And for once I put sock knitting back on my things to make. So some simple, but nice socks…and as I remembered excellent for commute knitting…..

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