Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stripes and such...



Autumn term has started and life is getting back in its routine. Schooldays are here again and in a way everybody was kind of looking forward to it. It is funny that, at the start of the holidays everyone loves it, at the end, everyone want to go back to routine…. Well everybody is back into a routine, except me that is. I was in the UK last week and next week of to Germany. I don't think I will be able to knit much the coming weeks, but I do have a little project finished.

When in Tokyo, I did buy a little yarn. A nice cotton spoke to me, so I bought it. It was very hot that day, and wool just didn't appeal, but a crisp cotton, oh yes. It was DMC Natura Just cotton, in an off-white and navy blue colour so I thought "stripes". And so this little cardigan was born, an easy stripe pattern, a round yoke and no shaping. Easy to wear and good for the late summer/early autumn… It is a nice cotton, maybe slightly finicky since it was quite a loose twist and thus a bit splitty. Not too bad though and the colours are crisp and fresh. 


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