Monday, May 20, 2013

From winter to summer in 2 weeks


We had a long long winter that never seemed to stop, but finally from the first of May we have had finally a spell of nice weather which also means that I really started with summer knitting again. Meris was an in-between project, for spring days that are still a bit "chilly", but like so often here winter goes over in summer in two weeks time. Last week we could enjoy (as shown above) outside dinners till late in the evening. I think it was real nice, but it is also a bit strange, since until the first week of May, everything was late. Now two weeks later,the Lilacs are flowering and that is early…. But now the prospects are not that good again, so things may go back to normal.


In any case knit wise, here is Cheeky:


So my first summer project is Cheeky from the new Kim Hargreaves book Spirit. This is a very easy knit, but clever too. The yarn is Rowan Panama in a cool yellow colour. This yarn is a mixture of rayon, cotton and linen in a chainette construction. It gives this terrific fabric with loads of drape and it is slightly slubby so there is lots of texture too. Optimal for plain stockinette knitting . I bought this yarn already more than a year ago, but Cheeky was really a good project for this yarn. It was quick knitting, but due to the fact that I didn't really have time to sit down and seam it, it had to wait through the warm days to get completely ready. And then it rained….and rained…. so a lousy photo from inside the house:


Otherwise, the Spirit book contains loads of nice items and I will come back to it after my next project.

Which is based on another Kim Hargreaves pattern, this time from Whisper, Gabriela. S likes small cropped cardigans and an in-between one for summer evenings was much desired. I have some 4-ply cotton stashed, so we looked through some patterns and this one was a "good one" according to her. It is slower knitting as there are cables and some yarn-overs but it is fun too. The needle size is again on the smaller side, but that is fine for summer clothes.



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