Sunday, March 17, 2013




I am tinkering the design of Paasbest. While M has been wearing that cardigan a lot (she real likes it and I think it is partly the wool since it is so soft….her words) I am not completely happy with it. The main thing is that it is not A-line enough for me. So a new version is coming along, more pronounced A-line this time. And since spring is not yet even near, I have to make splashes of colour myself. Brigh red yarn, at least something that makes me warm…. It is Dream in Color Classy in valentine, a real red (at least for me and this lot of yarn). It is hard to photograph well, it seems too orange in the picture and it isn't. It will have nice big black buttons again and a similar yoke. So really it is just the increases that I am playing with….

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