Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sheer possibilities

Some say that April is the cruelest month… and yes in some respects it is but otherwise I would say June is...

I just am over my head in things I really have to do before my holidays, and then some of my higher up people come to me (luckily flustered) to say that uhm they forgot to tell me, but could I please do such and so….. and if they weren't flustered I would say plain out loud no…. but they are flustered so I say OK, I'll try….. So the next weeks will be hectic and I will not post here or anywhere else much so a quick post on sheer...

Sheer, sheer luck or sheer like the fabric:

Vintage Cowl

This is a bit of my Vintage Cowl (or "with the new cowl neck line" as the official pattern is called). It is knitted in Shibui linen and I just would like to use some of this space to tell anyone how nice and unique this yarn is. It is a chainette 100% linen yarn, producing a somewhat rustic looking very lightweight very drapy fabric extremely suitable for summer items. The colours are fresh and really nice and if you knit with somewhat larger needles (3.75mm in this case) it is sheer. And I just love it! It makes a very nice summer top, like that top with the impossible name:

Vintage Cowl


Sheer can also come from an entirely different yarn


This is Kid Silk Haze (envy) and yes there is sheer again, but now in silk and mohair. A bit fuzzy, but sheer. Very different, but very nice as well…. Ah the wonders of yarn!


  1. That linen yarn is quite beautiful. I've never used linen because I've never really knit "summer" things, but I might have to give it a try.

    1. Yes it is really pretty stuff, and it makes a real nice wearable fabric. Indeed give it a try, warmly recommended!