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One of the nice things or our garden is the huge hedge that goes round it. It's bare in winter time but in summer it is this nice green wall that makes the garden more sheltered and warm. It's also a source of shelter for local wild-life. There is a family of hedge-hocks living in and many many birds. One of the many types of birds living in our hedge are sparrows. Now sparrows are under decline in many places, so I'm happy with our little flock whose chittery-chattery wakes me up in the mornings.

I've always like sparrows, my mother used to tell that the first time I went to a zoo I was more interested in the sparrow that ate my crumbs than any other animal in the zoo.

Anyway when I saw Sparrow (Quince & Co) I knew it was the perfect yarn for a design I had in my head. It's humble in its colour but in its quiet unassuming way very elegant. The french name for a sparrow is Moineau, so that's what is's going to be called. Hopefully in child to adult sizes. Just the start of it:



The purple yarn is Allino (BC-garn) a nice cotton/linen blend that works very well with the Sparrow.


Other knitting things, Lente is coming along, and I finished a small summer cardigan as well.

One Fifty CardiganLente-2

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